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X-Man Dazzler using her mutant powers of photokinesis

The ability to manipulate light.


A photokinetic can form anything with the surrounding light. They can appear invisible, create force-fields, shoot light beams from hands, and even cut through a certain degree of material. They can even create physical illusions, or transport themselves by becoming part of the surrounding light and using the surrounding light as a transportation. They can travel that way at the speed of light.


    • Light Blasts: Can shoot light blasts out of the hands.
    • Force-Fields: Can form shields of light around themselves and others.
    • Invisibility: Can cover themselves with the surrounding light to appear invisible.
    • Light Transport: Can fuse themselves into the surrounding light and travel at the speed of light anywhere.
    • Light Tangibilty: Can form anything with light.
    • Light Explosives: Can create blasts of light from hands.
    • Light Discs: Can form discs of light that act as glass.
    • Light Razors: Can use light to cut through anything.
    • Light Hands: Can use light that extend from the hands to grip surroundings.
    • Light Beams: Can form beams of light that extend from hands to pierce through anything.
    • Light Platforms: Can form platforms to step on to, to travel or create steps.
    • Light Creatures: Can form any creature from light to do your bidding.
    • Light Illusions: Can create living illusions to trick people.


Related powersEdit

Photokinetics may or may not be able to affect shadows, since a shadow is nothing more than the absence of light.

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